About Us and Our Denture Lab in Ruislip and Harrow

When you visit our denture lab in Ruislip, local Harrow and Hillingdon customers benefit from a friendly and professional service. We specialise in fast denture repairs and effective treatments for emergency dentures. Our patients rely on our denture clinic team to provide expert dental care and advice, which helps keep their new pearly whites in an immaculate condition!

About Us

Ruislip and Harrow patients can rest assured that we take every precaution when carrying out solutions for both new and emergency dentures. The denture lab technicians at Ruislip Denture Care always reflect a high level of customer service. Our resident denture clinic specialist Robert Hibbert excels at fitting brand-new dentures, in addition to resolving challenging issues with cosmetic denture repairs. He is a master at creating natural alignments, colour and shape, producing uniquely fitted dentures for each patient.

The dedicated services we provide for Ruislip, Harrow and Hillingdon customers has garnered our denture clinic with an exceptional reputation. This includes the rapid solutions we administer for emergency dentures at our on-site denture lab. Our technicians are experienced at identifying the root cause, to prevent dentures from causing prolonged discomfort and pain. The quality denture repairs we carry out restores the appearance and function of your dentures, allowing you to smile with confidence.

As a registered member of the General Dental Council (GDC), Rob guarantees that our own denture lab team implements new industry techniques, which are endorsed by the Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) and the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT).

Our denture clinic holds memberships with the following organisations:

  • Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) – Our technicians are kept up-to-date on developments in the dentistry sector. Any improvements in denture repairs and fitting procedures, including new materials or products that have been approved for use, are carried out to the highest standard
  • British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT) – Denture clinics like us are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC), complying with ethical practices and providing Ruislip, Harrow and Hillingdon patients with high-quality services. All products for new dentures and emergency dentures are CE approved, adhering to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD)

Services We Offer

  • Appointments for new fittings and impressions
  • Enhancements for cosmetic dentures
  • Denture repairs, including slippages and fractures
  • Treatments for emergency dentures
  • Advice and aftercare for new and existing dentures
  • Fast production of new dentures carried out at our on-site denture lab

To make an appointment with our denture lab technicians in the Ruislip, Harrow and the nearby areas, call 01895 621221.

  • Complete Denture Services
  • Partial Dentures
  • New Dentures
  • Fittings and Impressions
  • Cosmetic Dentures
  • Denture Repairs in Ruislip
  • Emergency Denture laboratory
  • On-Site Denture Lab