Benefits of Dentures in Harrow

Are you worried about how dentures will look and feel? Most Harrow patients have concerns about the appearance when it comes to wearing brand-new dentures. The team of experts at our denture clinic use modern fitting techniques to provide customers with high-quality veneers. Our on-site denture lab creates flexible, gum-coloured plastic, metal and acrylic versions for optimal comfort. Patients can also depend on emergency dentures or minor cosmetic denture repairs, to keep their new teeth in top condition.

Top 5 Advantages of Modern Dentures

  1. Easy Maintenance – Once we have fitted new dentures at our denture clinic, Harrow patients will be amazed by the little upkeep involved, in comparison to natural teeth. Our denture lab technicians explain how to keep dentures clean and remove them overnight to let your gums rest. If you experience any discomfort or fractures, our specialists carry out rapid denture repairs, including treatments for emergency dentures.
  2. Eating and Chewing – Our denture lab technicians ensure Harrow patients are fitted with dentures that are properly sealed. This allows more freedom to eat what you want, including harder foods, such as raw fruit and vegetables. Emergency dentures fix breakages or slippages so customers can enjoy eating healthier foods with ease.
  3. Attractive Smile – New dentures and cosmetic denture repairs help Harrow customers to feel less self-conscious about showing off their smile. The dentures we create at our on-site denture lab provide patients with less gaps, straighter teeth and a whiter sheen, without appearing unnatural.
  4. Modern Advances – Dentures are now more comfortable and easy to wear, thanks to the bespoke moulds and impressions, which we create at our denture clinic. Harrow customers can feel more confident wearing state-of-the-art dentures, providing a custom fit and natural aesthetics. We carry out denture repairs and emergency dentures for older dentures, which can be replaced with new ones if they keep breaking.
  5. Improved Speech – Harrow customers benefit from dentures if they have suffered with tooth loss or poorly fitted dentures in the past. Patients notice improved speech and articulation with high-quality dentures, moulded to the shape of their gums, teeth and jaw.

Looking After New Dentures

Harrow customers can enjoy the benefits of their new dentures by following the aftercare advise from our denture clinic experts. We recommend contacting us for any extensive denture repairs or replacements for emergency dentures. Whereas general, day-to-day maintenance can easily be carried out to keep your dentures looking as good as new.

  • Brush dentures when you remove them at night and before reapplying them the next morning
  • Denture lab technicians suggest soaking dentures in cold water when they are not being worn. The water can include a cleaning solution to prevent a build-up of bacteria and dirt
  • Keep your mouth healthy by brushing your gums each morning and night too

Check with our denture lab team before removing dentures. It may be beneficial for Harrow patients to continuously wear them, which helps existing teeth to acclimatise to their presence. This also prevents trauma from opposing natural teeth, which results in dislodged dentures and discomfort.

We recommend visiting our denture clinic for regular check-ups.

For more advice about new dentures from our denture lab experts in the Harrow area, call 01895 621221.

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