Tips for New Dentures in Ruislip

Are you experiencing discomfort with your brand-new dentures? The experts at Ruislip Denture Care provide first-time patients with aftercare solutions to resolve common issues. If you’re concerned about slippages, our denture lab technicians are available for fast and effective denture repairs, including treatments for emergency dentures. If you’re having problems getting used to wearing dentures on daily basis, Ruislip customers can contact our denture clinic for further advice.

5 Common Issues with Dentures

  • Slipping – Dentures are moulded to deliver the perfect fit but they can loosen or get dislodged over time, which is due to the muscles in your mouth. These include your lips, cheeks and tongue which produce a lot of motion from eating, drinking and talking. Our denture lab team explain show the muscles acclimatise to the dentures once they have been worn to alleviate any worries from the outset. If patients feel their dentures have slipped, we use premium products to reinforce the strength of the seal sat our denture clinic. This is included in our rapid and reliable denture repairs.
  • Discomfort – Ruislip customers can expect to feel a degree of soreness once new dentures have been fitted. Denture lab technicians recommend rinsing your mouth with salt water to alleviate the pain. If the discomfort continues, customers should to visit our denture clinic for a check-up. We carry out solutions for emergency dentures so you aren’t subjected to prolonged pain. We strongly suggest patients to contact us immediately instead of attempting denture repairs themselves.
  • Size – If you are not used to the feel of dentures, it may seem like the size is too big for your mouth. Our denture lab team understands how self-conscious patients can feel when talking or socialising for the first time with brand-new fitted dentures. This will disappear over time as your mouth becomes less sensitive. If Ruislip customers experience any pain, we’ll carry out denture repairs on their behalf.
  • Hygiene – Particles left over from food and drink affect your dentures if they are not properly sealed. As the particles decay, this leads to halitosis. Denture repairs fix and reinforce seals to prevent odours and the build-up of bacteria. The experts at our denture clinic recommend the best products to keep your dentures fresh, ensuring new dentures fitted by our denture lab technicians are sealed for maximum protection.
  • Poor Fit – Denture repairs may be required in the future if your dentures begin to feel too loose. After new dentures have been fitted, our denture lab team explains to Ruislip patients that gums, teeth and jawbones gradually deteriorate, which results in looser dentures. We can combat this problem with emergency dentures on your behalf.

Do you need treatments for emergency dentures? If you’re experiencing problems with brand-new dentures in Ruislip, call 01895 621221.

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