Services and Denture Repairs in Ruislip and Harrow

We understand how distressing it can be for Ruislip and Harrow patients who need denture repairs. The friendly denture lab technicians at Ruislip Denture Care are here to put local customers at ease. Our highly-trained staff specialise in carrying out new fittings and replacements for customers suffering from loss of teeth and tissue. This can be due to natural decay from the upper or lower jaw, gum disease or accidental damage. Whatever the reason may be, contact us for emergency dentures at our Ruislip denture clinic and we’ll restore your award-winning smile!

New Dentures and Denture Repairs

Our denture lab experts are experienced at replacing lost teeth with brand-new dentures. All replacements and emergency dentures are made from natural, gum-coloured plastic or metal and acrylic. Ruislip and Harrow patients benefit from our durable metal or compact acrylic designs, which are ideal for helping first-time customers adapt to wearing new dentures.

Common denture repairs include mid-line fractures, which result from replacement teeth grinding against existing teeth. These also occur from slipped, ill-fitted dentures and injuries from sports. Our denture lab team highly recommends that any damage should be rectified immediately to prevent extensive oral trauma from developing.

Our denture clinic in Ruislip welcomes local customers in Harrow and Hillingdon who need emergency dentures.

Denture Clinic Services

Damages and breakages can be awkward and inconvenient when you are at work or socialising with friends in and around the Ruislip, Harrow or Hillingdon area. To alleviate any pain or discomfort, our denture lab offers treatments for rapid, emergency dentures. Patients can expect our highly-skilled technicians to undertake first-class denture repairs and provide aftercare advice for new dentures.

  • Full and Partial Dentures – Our technicians fit complete dentures for Ruislip, Harrow and Hillingdon customers, with partial denture appointments referred by their dentist
  • Brand-New Dentures – Older or poorly-fitted dentures are easily replaced at our denture clinic with a new set that fits perfectly
  • Fittings and Impressions – We take accurate moulds of your teeth to create new dentures, which are specially designed for individual patients
  • Restoring Cosmetic Dentures – Emergency dentures are available to resolve cracks, fractures and chips to the veneer. We also remove stubborn stains and strengthen the bond between your dentures and gums
  • Denture Repairs – Weak, slipped and broken dentures are remedied at our denture clinic as part of our fast and efficient denture repairs
  • Solutions for Emergency Dentures – At our on-site denture lab in Ruislip, local patients in Harrow and Hillingdon benefit from treatments for emergency dentures, without being subjected to long waiting periods
  • Sports Mouth Guards – Ideal for protecting your teeth and jaw during contact sports, such as boxing, football or rugby. These products are custom made to shape your teeth from flexible plastic moulds
  • Night Mouth Guards – These are recommended by our denture lab technicians to prevent patients from grinding or clenching their teeth, which causes erosion
  • Premium Denture Products – We use trusted, major-branded products from Schottlander at our denture clinic, which are CE approved and certified by the Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) and the Medical Devices Directive (MDD)

To make an appointment for emergency dentures at our Ruislip denture clinic, call 01895 621221. Our services are available to local Harrow and Hillingdon customers too.

About Us

    Ruislip Denture Care has been established in the London Borough of Hillingdon since 1993 and our outstanding local reputation had been built on the talents of our vastly experienced team of dental technicians. We are approved members of the Dental Laboratories Association and the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology.